A strong bohemian-chic and multicultural jewellery brand.

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Brand history

Founded in 1979 by stylist Isabelle Van Hulle, the Scooter brand possesses a strong bohemian-chic and multicultural identity, inspired by its creator’s travels to Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.

The use of natural materials, the refinement of designs, and the attention to detail have allowed Scooter to establish itself in France and abroad, endowing it with enduring and robust values.

The universe of the brand

Scooter is a transgenerational brand of beautiful fashion jewelry, crafted from silver or gold-plated metal and adorned with highly trendy natural stones, whose personality and story leave a lasting impression on the women who grow with it.

With engravings, paisley patterns, charms, and volumes, Scooter’s jewelry embodies the escape and freedom that every generation seeks.
The Scooter woman is active, urban, and trendy, simultaneously chic and casual. She dislikes stereotypes and isn’t afraid to subtly mix styles to create her own.