“Our broad portfolio of brands has won the loyalty of millions of consumers in Europe”

Flavien d’Audiffret

Group CEO

THOM has a broad portfolio
of attractive brands

Powerful, modern, popular multichannel brands that have won the loyalty of millions of consumers in Europe, revolutionising and democratising the world of jewellery.

The leading brand of affordable jewellery in France. Since 1981, Histoire d’Or has been reinventing traditional jewellery as a means of expression with no limits on price, models or occasions to celebrate.

1986 Launch of Histoire d’Or

4 countries

426 stores

50.6m in-stores visits in 2023

1st France Top-of-mind awareness

The leading brand of affordable jewellery in Italy.

1996 Creation of Stroili

345 stores

> 700 doors (wholesale activity)

38.1m in-stores visits in 2023

28.7m website visits in 2023


Founded in 1856, OROVIVO is a brand that combines modernity with tradition on the German market.
OROVIVO has a history that began in the Erzgebirge in 1856. Only few companies can look back on such a history.

1856 Launch of OROVIVO

54 stores

900k website visits in 2023

97% Customer satisfaction

In less than 5 years, Trésor has successfully become a reference in the everyday low price jewellery and watches sector.

2013 Launch of Trésor

68 stores

95% customer satisfaction

Marc Orian is one the leading brands on the market in France and Belgium.

1986 Launch of Marc Orian

91 stores

3.4m website visits in 2023

97% customer satisfaction

Franco Gioielli is THOM italian alternative generalist banner.

1988 Launch of Franco Gioeilli

36 stores